A Customized Experience

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A Patriot Advantage liaison schedules a time to meet you, learn about your business, and your immediate needs. We understand that no business is one size fits all, therefore during your consultation we will determine the level of complexity of the services you are needing, the skill level needed of your assistant, the specific role they will fulfill, and the number of hours your assistant will be working. We can even build a virtual team for you if you are needing multiple roles filled. After your initial inquiry we will discuss a customizable plan for you




Based upon your consultation, the client and potential candidates go through an in-depth matching and interview process that determines a best fit based on your business, personal values, skill set, business needs, personality, level of expertise, preferences, and lifestyles. We acknowledge when a company makes a hire that is not beneficial or the right match it costs that company a high price. Finding the right fit for you and your company is of the utmost importance to us




Professional development is extremely important to our team and we believe it is an essential part of the process. The client and assistant are offered a dedicated coach who mentors the assistant from day one for an extensive 90-day structured program. Goals related to building trust and accountability between client and assistant are met during the first 30 days. Establishing standardized work processes and systems are the focus for the next 30 days. By the end of 90 days a strong working relationship is established between the client and his or her assistant. The assistant continues to have access to her coach throughout her association with Patriot Advantage for guidance and encouragement. The coach continues to nurture the working relationship while supporting the needs of both parties.

Devis Burnam, Director of Professional Development, describes our commitment to professional development:

“Our focus on professional development for assistants results in numerous benefits. Coaching is tailored to the needs of each person, and well-defined, actionable goals are established from the start. For the client and assistant to become an effective team it’s critical that they establish trust and accountability at the beginning of the relationship. Through coaching and regular feedback assistants become more effective in their communication, problem-solving, and organization and planning skills. An ongoing emphasis on our core values of integrity, responsibility, compassion, respect and dependability keeps everyone grounded on the fundamentals of how we treat each other. By taking a deliberate and tailored approach new assistants get up to speed more quickly, experienced assistants learn how we do business, and clients learn how to maximize the benefits of adding an assistant to their team through techniques such as effective delegation and use of information management tools. The results speak for themselves – satisfied clients and assistants who are excited to share in their clients’ success.”



Continued Support

Patriot Advantage remains at your service. Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you ever hit a roadblock with your business, we are your first line of defense! Our Patriot Advantage team receives on-going education that continues to enhance and support you in your business and goals. We provide quarterly reflections for both client and assistant to make sure we are aiding you in achieving your goals. 



Relationship Milestones

  • 30 days- Trust and accountability should be established. A solid understanding of your business and operations should be in place. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) will be outlined.

  • 60 days- All processes and systems should be solidified. You and your assistant should hit a groove and be working smoothly together. Rough drafts of SOP’s will be completed.

  • 90 days- Your Patriot Advantage VA should have 100% confidence in their role within your business while even anticipating your needs. All SOP’s have been finalized and they are being executed. 

  • After 90 days, your VA will be assigned a mentor for continued support.


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