Spotlight on Alesia Beauregard

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Patriot Advantage is proud of all of our hard-working personal assistants. Each and every one delivers a valuable service for their clients and strives to improve their client’s quality of life, both personally and professionally. This month, we’d like to highlight one of our very first personal assistants, Alesia Beauregard.

Alesia has been a vital part of Patriot Advantage as we’ve grown into a thriving personal assistant business. She’s become a tremendous asset for her client, Kristie Campbell, the owner of Firefly Grill in Effingham, IL.  

“I am a swirling, moving, fifty-balls-in-the-air kind of human, so Alesia’s powerful success is incredible, given the unique challenges of collaborating with someone like myself,” Kristie said.

As Kristie’s assistant, Alesia has been instrumental in helping Kristie juggle her ever-evolving schedule, coordinating travel arrangements for her and her team, and tackling challenging tasks that have helped strengthen Kristie’s relationship with her own clients. In turn, Alesia has formed a special relationship working with Kristie, one that feels like family.

“What is so amazing about Kristie (and a lot like Patriot Advantage), is she has cultivated work relationships to feel like family. I have worked with her for less than a year and already feel like she has my back, and I want to support her, her family, and her team in any way that I can,” Alesia said.

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Hailing from California, Alesia is a loving spouse to her husband, Michael, who is currently serving in the U.S. Army. The two have a toddler son named Noah, and Alesia is happiest when spending time with her husband and son on family outings. She’s an animal lover (if you don’t count cats), and really passionate about being neat and tidy. In school, she often rewrote her personal notes if she thought her handwriting wasn’t neat enough. This commitment to organization and perfection might seem unnecessary in some settings, but it makes her the perfect personal assistant!

At Patriot Advantage, we offer opportunities for personal assistants who have served as military spouses. While supporting her husband through multiple combat deployments overseas, Alesia has gained a deeper appreciation for our military.

Before joining the Patriot Advantage team, Alesia worked in a rewarding and life-changing profession helping children with autism. As an in-home, one-on-one behavior therapist for children with autism, Alesia truly made a difference in the lives of her patients—improving their quality of life, their functionality, and their independence. This experience affirmed her love for this special group of children.

My health may fail and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the strength of my heart; He is mine forever.
— Psalm 73:26

When Alesia and Michael welcomed Noah into their lives, she decided to be a stay-at-home mother. Patriot Advantage offered Alesia a new career path that allows her the flexibility to work remotely, while still being able to care for her son. She’s also able to occasionally enjoy one of her favorite hobbies during the day, grocery shopping.

“Patriot Advantage allows me to choose my own hours, around my son's schedule and around family weekend plans,” Alesia explain of her life now with Patriot Advantage.

Keep up the amazing work Alesia! We’re so fortunate to have you as part of our team.