Patriot Advantage's Inaugural Family Picnic

Over the weekend, some of Patriot Advantage’s personal assistants and a few of our Savannah-based clients enjoyed a sunny October day at the historic Forsyth Park in Savannah, GA. This outing gave our team the chance to meet each other in person, bring our families together to share yummy potluck delicacies, and compete in a few fierce cornhole matches.

Kaitlyn (left) and her client, Kate (right), took advantage of the sunny day to meet in person for the first time. Kate even brought along her furry sidekick, Sugar!

Kaitlyn (left) and her client, Kate (right), took advantage of the sunny day to meet in person for the first time. Kate even brought along her furry sidekick, Sugar!

One of Patriot Advantage’s personal assistants, Kaitlyn Law, and her client, Kate Jones of Orchid Organizing, took advantage of the get-together to meet in person for the first time. Since our assistant-client relationships are remote, our interactions are typically phone and video-chat based.

“It really was so great to finally get the chance to meet Kate in person!,” Kaitlyn said. “You can talk on the phone, or digital messaging platforms, but there really is something to say for face-to-face interactions. Kate and I have been working together now for close to four months. Working together as a team for this amount of time over the phone has worked really well for us, but being able to talk in person—even for a short period of time—helped strengthen our teamwork all the more.”

It’s always helpful when we can meet our clients in person and build on existing relationships. Creating a bond between assistants and clients is an important part of what we do.

Another aspect of our business is encouraging a more personal and mutually-supportive work culture for our personal assistants. The inaugural Patriot Advantage Family Picnic gave co-founders Mary Elaine and Brett Baker a chance to put that initiative into action.

“It’s always been very important for Brett and I to create a fun and positive culture at Patriot Advantage. We love each person on our team so much, and they’ve become our extended family. I loved seeing everyone interact and watching our kiddos play together. It truly warmed our hearts, and really, that’s what life is about, right? Connecting with others. Oh and food, lots of food!” Mary Elaine said.

As with most potlucks, there was enough food to feed an army. Executive assistant Brooke Barringer brought giant subs from a local sub shop, while our remote personal assistants Alesia Beauregard, Devis Burnam, Kaitlyn Law, Jenn Mescher, and Rachael Owen chipped in with world-famous side dishes and decadent desserts.

Devis (left) took time to catch up with her client, Kay (right).

Devis (left) took time to catch up with her client, Kay (right).

Devis won the award for traveling the furthest to come hang out with us at the park. She and her four children journeyed three hours from Nicholls, GA, to socialize with the team and her client, Kay Heritage of Big Bon Pizza. She also wanted to introduce us to the newest member of the Patriot Advantage family, her six-month-old son, Abbott.

Abbott was in good company at the picnic, joined by two toddlers and seven happy kids to play on the playground equipment and run around the wide open space, while the adults battled to see who would come out on top in a cornhole tournament. Brett and Mary Elaine took that title, beating three other tough teams.

“I can’t wait for the next team picnic so my husband and I can have a rematch against the Baker’s in cornhole,” Rachael said. “Despite our heartbreaking defeat, we really had fun getting together with everyone from Patriot Advantage. I interact with Brooke, Devis, and Mary Elaine so often over the phone or in a virtual meeting that it was nice to spend time in person with them and meet their lovely families.”

Building on the fun we had getting our team together for a day at the park, Patriot Advantage has planned another exciting activity for December. Our new Director of Hospitality, Kirsti Horton, has organized a “Secret Santa” virtual gift exchange for our team members. With our personal assistants spread around the country, we will be opening our gifts during our monthly virtual team building session.

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